Friday, June 26, 2009

Portuguese Blog Shows Niger Delta work

There is a wonderful photo blog by Antero de Alda in Portugal, who has been gracious to post some of my work from my Niger Delta project, including a link to a multimedia piece. This kind of linking and exposure is still new to me and sometimes seems strange to continually expose your work in this way, but it also reflects the moment we're living in. Ultimately to have one's work exposed to new audiences around the world, in different languages is what's it's all about and in some way this trend reflects the decline of print media and the emergence of online sites, blogs, etc as the lingua franca for the photographic profession. Is this true? Stay tuned but the journey has become quite different, vastly challenging and quite exciting.

Here is the link:
Niger Delta


Shooting Video vs. Stills

I have just finished shooting a new film in the Niger Delta and this was my first time, in 9 years of shooting video, that I only shot video. It was an interesting experience and I've shared some of my thoughts, along with four other photographers on LiveBooks' RESOLVE blog site. Here is the link...



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Book Review on "Shvoong"

Here is a wonderful review of Curse of the Black Gold that was brought to our attention yesterday. Check it out:

Shvoong Review


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shell v Wiwa film on Current TV

Here is a new short film made about the Shell vs Ken Saro Wiwa trial recently held in New York. It was made by SaharaTV and is running on Current TV. Most of the stills are from my work in the Niger Delta.

The Struggle Continues - Shell v Wiwa


PopPhoto Link on Photographs That Made A Difference

Here is the PopPhoto link for their recent story on photographs that made a difference. I was honored to have one of my Niger Delta images in their story.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Alternet Article on the End of Cheap Oil...again

Here is a very good article on Alternet about the end of cheap oil. The timing of the current oil price rise is unhelpful for economic recovery. Why is it that certain indicators, like the labor market or the price of oil, always run converse to what is best for the people and for our economy? Please read...


I will be teaching a workshop in Colorado in August

Greetings from my last day in the Niger Delta, finishing up on a new film here. I want to mention that I'll be teaching a documentary workshop in August in Fort Collins, Colorado for The Center For Fine Art Photography. I recently juried their photo contest and am looking quite forward to visiting their center and teaching this 3 day workshop. While there I will also be giving a public lecture. If you plan to be in the neighborhood or live close by, please sign up.

Colorado Workshop Info


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exit Art exhibit, The End of Oil, Opens June 13th

On June 13th, from 6-8pm, Exit Art in SoHo will have an opening of its next exhibit, entitled The End of Oil. I have a handful of images from my Niger Delta work in the show. There will be video as well as photography. Unfortunately I'll miss it as I'm back in the Niger Delta shooting a film. Please check it out. I plan to go in early July upon my return to the US.

End of Oil