Monday, March 22, 2010

Sean O'Hagen Essay on Curse of the Black Gold

I almost feel like apologizing for the continued UK coverage of my recent visit to London and my work on the Niger Delta. Before you all start to get sick of this, please remember it's about advocating for this issue and finding new ways, any way quite frankly, to get the message out about what is happening in the Niger Delta. I am the sideshow. Read on and get involved. Safe energy, be smarter and care. The writer Sean O'Hagen interviewed me at the Frontline Club and is a wonderful journalist working for The Guardian


Friday, March 19, 2010

Podcast of Ed's interview at HOST Gallery

Ed has just finished an incredibly busy, but productive trip to England for lectures, workshops and gallery openings (remember, Ed’s exhibit will be open at HOST Gallery until April 3rd). All of these were thrilling and rewarding, especially being able to work with such brilliant collegues as Paul Lowe, Paul Collier and Dauda Garuba.

We’re pleased to announce that Foto8 released a podcast of Ed's interview with Colin Jacobson, discussing the growth of his career, the role photojournalism plays in our world and what all of this has meant to him over the years. The hour and a half long interview is educational, insightful and well worth the time for anyone interested in photojournalism, photography and the impact we can have on our world. Foto8 also published a multi-media slide show of Curse that we're all very proud of.

Please, come give it a listen.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Niger Delta Watch is Live!

Following a successful pre-launch event this week in London I am pleased to announce Niger Delta Watch open for reports. They would like to now ask you all to become partners in this ground breaking initiative and to start to work with them by uploading reports and adding information to Niger Delta Watch. They have set up a page for Niger Delta Watch called 'Partners' and would like as many organisations, NGO's and community organisations as possible to join in. In return there will be a link to your organisations website and some information about it. Please forward this message to your networks and encourage people to get in touch with them if they are interested in becoming participants in Niger Delta Watch. They look forward to raise the voices of communities in the Niger Delta and to show the world what is happening in this diverse, fascinating and troubled part of the world.


Madagascar Image in Guardian today

The Guardian does an image page every week and one of my favorite images from my recent work in Madagascar was profiled today. I also talked about "shooting from the hip".....Best Shot


Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent News and Our Appreciation

The week in London is over for Ed and certain organizations stand out above the rest, whether it is due to their professionalism, reputation, seniority or simply effort. In recent days we have had some reviews that have left us all humbled and deeply appreciative.

First, is the excellent gallery put together by Lucy Davies at the London Telegraph, which showcases the heart breaking dilemma faced in the Niger Delta and helps spread knowledge that this cause deserves.

The Guardian, another London based newspaper, has also dedicated a piece of their website to exhibit some of Ed’s work, helping us spread the word for the people of Niger Delta.

Charlie Beckett, who took part in and wrote a blog post about the recent event at the London College of Communications. It let us know that people do indeed listen, and people do indeed care about the evolving nature of the relationships we share with NGOs, the nature of photojournalism, the conflicting emotions with advocacy work and making a living, and indeed the nature of media in this age of information flux.

We’re always happy to know that we’re making a difference - that people are actually moved by the work done in the studio, and we’ve seen that recently in a few fantastic posts.

Run Riot published a great synopsis of “Curse” as did Photographylot. Please visit their sites, it's important to keep the online photographic community alive.

Again, thank you very much. We’re truly honored and humbled.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Comments from Excellent Symposium in London's LCC

Yesterday I took part in an important, inspiring and illuminating conference that Paul Lowe orchestrated at the London College of Communication. We had a jam packed audience and the discussion centered on photojournalism and NGO partnerships and issues around this ever growing and evolving dynamic. Excellent work Paul! Below is a write up by Charlie Beckett, one of the participants and an important voice out of London.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A List of Exciting Events in London

Ed is on a whirlwind tour of London this week, taking part in a series of events related to his work in the Niger Delta and organized around a month long exhibition that opened tonight at the HOST Gallery and a day long symposium taking place tomorrow at the London College of Communication. If you are anywhere near the area, all are going to be well worth attending. Besides the opening of Curse of the Black Goldexhibition at HOST, there are a variety of events he's participating in that will be enriching for all those interested in photography, journalism, advocacy and art.

  • Today, the 9th, there is private viewing and reception of the Curse exhibition at the HOST Gallery.
  • On the 10th, Ed will be giving a lecture at the London College of Communication. His lecture will be part of a workshop/seminar on photojournalism and advocacy with Paul Lowe. The seminar will be from 10:30am to 5pm.
  • Then from 6 to 9, you will be able to find Ed giving another lecture at the Frontline Club, addressing primarily his illegal arrest in Nigeria: a topic relatively rarely spoken about.
  • Thursday the 11th Ed will be reviewing students' work at the LCC from 9 – 11am and then from 6 – 8 participating in a large symposium at the London School of Economics.
  • Finally on Friday the 12th from 5 – 8pm, Ed will be back at HOST Gallery with Paul Collier andDauda Garuba for the Sponsor/Civil Society reception.
It's a lot, it will be a challenge, but it will all be worth it. Come out if you can.