Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water News: Ed's Work in the Niger Delta

Circle of Blue ran a great piece yesterday entitled "War on Water: A Clash Over Oil, Power, and Poverty in the Niger Delta," using several of Ed's images and quoting his experiences in the region. His pictures of the militant group MEND patrolling the waters are a moving insight to the dangers of this "all out war." Read more and check out the pictures and info-graphics on the link below:

War on Water


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missourian Interview: US-African ties

Last week Ed, along with several other panel members, discussed President Obama's recent trip to Ghana and the relations between America and Africa. Ed weighed in on Nigeria and how the corruption, largely due to oil, is causing a issues with Nigeria's ties to other nations.
"Oil all over the world is very pernicious and creates bad results for the people there, nowhere worse than in the Niger Delta. It is hard to see how things will improve without some kind of massive change, not just democratic institutions, but at the level of a ministry or company functioning without being riddled with corruption."
Read the full interview here


Friday, July 17, 2009

Three Launch Success

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Ed and Julie last night at the Powerhouse arena. The launch of Three and premier of the multimedia piece was a huge success! As an intern from Ohio U, it was my first time to Powerhouse, and to Dumbo, and it was fantastic. It was also wonderful and surprising to run into many other aspiring photographers, former professors, and old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. I hope everyone else enjoyed the presentation, got to speak with Ed, and had a blast. Hope to see you all soon, and again - thanks for making it out last night.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Resolve Blog: Notes on Returning to the Niger Delta

Today Ed posted travel notes about returning to the Niger Delta and the challenges of working there on the Resolve blog. His seven week trip to shoot a video in the State of Bayelsa brought constant trials. Read his about his experiences from the field by clicking on the link below:


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Financial Times: Prix Pictet

The Financial Times of London just ran a piece on the upcoming Prix Pictet, featuring Ed's work as a finalist in the Shortlist. Please take a look at the rest of the Shortlist's bios and get an idea of the amazing competition.

Financial Times Article


Add Your Voice & Ideas to Help Africa

This is a great project that friends of mine are involved in. Please log on and add your ideas and voice to this noble project.
Peace Corps


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aurora Forum Summary

Richard Man was kind enough to post about last week's Aurora Forum at Stanford, for the book "What Matters."
Check out the link below, complete with image:

Aurora Forum


Prix Pictet Nominations In

The Prix Pictet is the world's first prize dedicated to photography and sustainability. All entries are nominations, and more than seventy nominators from five continents searched for this years shortlist. The shortlist for this year's Prix Pictet was announced at the Rencontres des Arles festival in July, and Ed was honored with being one of twelve talented photographers under consideration. Please check the link for Ed's Curse contribution and the other amazing photographers' works.

Ed Kashi Prix Pictet


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jordan Times Profile

During my recent trip to Jordan I was interviewed by a young reporter with the Jordan Times, the main English language daily of Jordan, based out of Amman. I give some of my impressions of the Middle East and how things have changed during the past 18 years.

Jordan Times


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Event: Aurora Forum at Stanford

On July 9th, Ed will be presenting his work in What Matters: Documentary Photography and Social Change, with David Elliot Cohen, Michael Watts, and Mark Gonnerman. If you are in the area (and even if you are not!) please join us for the presentation and discussion, beginning at 7:30 in the Annenberg Auditorium in the Nathan Cummings Art Building of Stanford University.
Please follow the link for complete information:

Aurora Forum: Stanford


Africa: Politics and Societies South of the Sahara

Ruben Eberlein's blog, Africa: Politics and Societies South of the Sahara, is updated frequently with information on issues surrounding Africa. His most recent post captures the importance and influence of Curse of the Black Gold in the review, linked below. Thanks for the recommendation, Ruben.

Ruben Eberlein's: Africa


Jordan Photo Camp

Ed just returned from seven weeks in the field! After the difficult weeks creating a video documentary in the Niger Delta, the National Geographic Photo Camp in Jordan was a wonderful, enriching and moving experience.
Since his return, Ed has been discussing what a honor, and how fulfilling it was to work with Iraqi, Palestinian, and Jordanian teens, with the help of International Medical Corps, an American NGO working with local health issues. He said that "to witness the power of photography, and tell these kids' stories, was an incredible experience."

Here are two links that help convey the power and importance of this camp:

Jordan Times


Amnesty Attacks Oil Industry for Decades of Damage in Niger Delta

Nick Mathiason recently wrote an article for The Guardian UK about Amnesty International's publication of "serious human rights abuses caused by oil companies in the Niger Delta." The 141-page report by Amnesty singles out Royal Dutch Shell as being the most powerful operator in the region, thus most a fault here. Ed's photos are used in the article, as they were in the famous Shell V Wiwa trial, settled recently.
"Decades of pollution and environmental damage, caused by the oil industry, have resulted in violations of the right to an adequate standard of living, including food and water, violations of the right to gain a living through work and violations of the right to health," the report says.
It is refreshing to know that the world is finally holding these companies responsible. Spread the message, and read the article here:


NPR: Triptychs, Technology And Ed Kashi's Archives

National Public Radio's Claire O'Neill did a wonderful piece on Three, just posted today.
Complete with information on Ed's other projects, Talking Eyes Media, lots of great images, a multimedia piece, and a nice review complete with interview.

Here's the link: