Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Black Tide" by Robert Goethals

Please check out this article by Robert Goethals on the Forward Thinking Museum's blogsite about the oil crisis in the Niger Delta.

Thank you Robert!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Work By Gideon Mendel

Recently published in the Guardian UK's Weekend Magazine, photographer Gideon Mendel's work "When the Floods Came" chronicles the devastation in Pakistan following the July flood. From Gideon: "'When the Floods Came' is the new chapter of my long-term project on climate change and flooding. Six weeks after the floods first hit Pakistan I traveled with the charity ActionAid in the Sindh province. At a point when those floods had long left the pages of the world’s media I found myself in a devastated landscape where flood waters were still rising and communities were trying to save themselves from the deluge. Never in recorded history has a flood of such magnitude swept through Pakistan. More than 20 million people have been affected, around 1.8 million homes were destroyed and over seven million people still need food and shelter. Untold damage has also been done to the country’s agricultural land and infrastructure. According to the UN more people have been affected than the world’s last three great disasters combined, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake." Gideon also produced a short film on the subject.


Foto8 Launch Party, The Legacy of Oil

To celebrate the new issue of 8 Magazine (which coincides with the magazine's 8th anniversary), Foto8 is throwing a launch party on Friday, November 12 at Host Gallery in London. Please RSVP to events@foto8.com if you plan on attending.

If London isn't a possibility, definitely check out the new issue, which is dedicated entirely to the subject of oil. From the recent spill in the Gulf to the ongoing struggles in Nigeria and Venezuela, 8 Magazine showcases the work of numerous photographers who are committed to documenting the privilege and the poverty associated with oil. Included in the issue is an interview with Ed about his work in the Niger Delta. Go here for a sneak peek.