Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent News and Our Appreciation

The week in London is over for Ed and certain organizations stand out above the rest, whether it is due to their professionalism, reputation, seniority or simply effort. In recent days we have had some reviews that have left us all humbled and deeply appreciative.

First, is the excellent gallery put together by Lucy Davies at the London Telegraph, which showcases the heart breaking dilemma faced in the Niger Delta and helps spread knowledge that this cause deserves.

The Guardian, another London based newspaper, has also dedicated a piece of their website to exhibit some of Ed’s work, helping us spread the word for the people of Niger Delta.

Charlie Beckett, who took part in and wrote a blog post about the recent event at the London College of Communications. It let us know that people do indeed listen, and people do indeed care about the evolving nature of the relationships we share with NGOs, the nature of photojournalism, the conflicting emotions with advocacy work and making a living, and indeed the nature of media in this age of information flux.

We’re always happy to know that we’re making a difference - that people are actually moved by the work done in the studio, and we’ve seen that recently in a few fantastic posts.

Run Riot published a great synopsis of “Curse” as did Photographylot. Please visit their sites, it's important to keep the online photographic community alive.

Again, thank you very much. We’re truly honored and humbled.

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