Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Master of Photography Lecture Series at National Geographic

Please note that I will be giving a lecture at National Geographic on November 21, as part of their Masters of Photography lecture series. This presentation will be a big affair for me. I will be showing work from a new project about India, my project on the Niger Delta, and also sharing work close to home, from our multimedia piece on my father-in-law's time living with us. The link below will give all details. Hope to see you there.

Ed Kashi Lecture at National Geographic


Mary Ella Keblusek said...

Ed - I would like to attend your presentation, however there is some confusion on the date. Your posting says it is Nov 23, but the National Geographic site says Tuesday Nov 25. Could you please confirm the correct date?

Anonymous said...

Mary, thank you very much for pointing this out to us. We would like to confirm that the date of Ed's lecture IS indeed November 21, 2008.
Thank you! We hope to see you there!