Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Exciting news from the world of academia!

Thank you to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Professor Nancy Hunt for incorporating Curse of the Black Gold into the curriculum for all African Studies' majors.

Following the March 18-20, 2009, exhibition, lecture, and workshop conducted at U of M, Ann Arbor by University of California, Berkeley Professor Michael Watts and Ed, Professor Hunt gave her students a writing assignment which we invite them to send to Ed. Their contributions - essays, comments, reflections, thoughts - will be posted on the blog in hopes of providing exposure for their work as well as continuing the dialogue on topics addressed in Curse.

In Ed's own words, "I find this process exciting and part of the new world of communications we're living in. You have the ability to reflect, refute, comment on and analyze my work and then have it read by others within this concerned community."

So again, WELCOME - and let the conversation begin...

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